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TNT Dinar 2010 Peoples Dinar Call – Sterling Currency Group | Dinar Banker | Ty Rhame
Private dinar airport exchanges – The call where Ty Rhame (Sterling Currency Group) and Dan Atkinson (Peoples Dinar / Peoples Talk Radio) discussed the Iraqi Dinar revaluation.

This was a PUBLIC call, no copyright exists as it was made available in 2010. It is being presented here under fair use.

TNT Tony (Tony Renfrow) had NOT interviewed Sterling yet, and it wasn’t until around 2013 that he really became close with Frank Bell of Sterling.

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09:16 Tony says I think Sterling is a solid company, since I’ve been workin’ for ’em.

09:22 Dan Atkinson sales pitch

09:59 Anthony Wayne Renfrow talks about network marketing

12:24 Fuel Scam Dan and Tony.

34:10 TNT Tony joins the call and starts talking to Ty Rhame

#peoplesdinar – A pretty much inactive IQD website.

#peoplestalkradio – Started by Dan Atkinson after leaving Peoples Dinar

#tntdinar – Tony Renfrow was known as TNT Tony

#sterlingcurrencygroup – Currently shutdown after June 2015 FBI Raid

#dinarbanker – Old name for Sterling Currency Group

#tyrhame – Works for Dinar Banker

#wearethepeople – Hashtag started by TNT Tony

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