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TNT Dinar Guru Tony Dan PTR 2012 01 27 – Anthony Renfrow Peoples Talk Radio
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Classic call from TNT Tony and Dan’s PTR days (Before either Tony quit or left, and before starting blog-talk which again, he left that after getting kicked off. So what has changed since January 27, 2012? Nothing, he still talking about the Iraqi Dinar, and the same old nonsense; rates on the screens, three letter agencies, we were so close, can’t believe we are still here, tntsuperfantastic day etc.

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We were able to expose the fact that his partner in crime DC’s name is really Winston Pfiester

We have exposed Pam

Tony had just finished his 14 daily plus scam around 2007 (Google 14dailyplus it if you want more dirt)

And shortly after this January call Tony will receive indictment instructions later in April, then the PTR calls stopped.

Unfortunately, I was not able to listen to this whole call, so it’s up to you guys to do so, I have a collection of these calls which are not supposed to be available. Some of you have more, so feel free to contact me through my website and we’ll talk then.

This is not an attempt to attack TNT Tony, this is an attempt to wake up the people who are listening to him either for the first time, or those who have been sheep who continue to follow. I encourage everyone reading this to do your own research. Just search for Anthony Renfrow or Tony Renfrow and see what comes up.

You must give this video a thumbs up (under the view count) in order to maximize it’s visibility. People must know the truth, it’s wrong for me to not expose Tony, whose next court date is December 15, 2014. I followed him for over a month before I woke up, I don’t want you all to make the same mistake I did.

Nick Giammarino
Learn the truth!

Search for 14dailyplus and 14 daily plus scam and see what you find, I think you will be shocked.

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