Top Iraqi Dinar Currency Sites of 2014


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February 4, 2015

Updated on December 2, 2016 because a video was removed.  A new video will be added in a future post.  Also removed some links.

By: The Dinar People Checking The Facts (TDP-CHECK)

Here is a list of what we believe to be the top Iraqi Dinar websites as of today.  We provide our reasons behind our decisions.

#1 – Iraqi Dinar News website.  Not just one topic but many are discussed including:

#2 – IQD News website, why you should be careful before you purchase dinar.

  • The truth behind the #wearethepeople campaign on Twitter.
  • Why Nick doesn’t like to promote dinar on his websites
  • The fact that many times what somebody says and what actually happens are exactly the opposite.
  • He has a Facebook page for Iraqi Dinar RV News which is updated nearly twice a week.

#3 – Iraq News about the ISIL and other interesting topics.  Rich Morris runs this site, it was put up many years ago.  Rich discusses the following topics:

  • The Iraqi Dinar
  • ISIL in Iraq
  • Currency markets
  • His time overseas
  • What the gurus are saying and why they are wrong

Check out the American Contractor’s YouTube Channel

Article about the Global Currency Reset

#4 – Willem Middelkoop the author of the bestselling book “The Big Reset” has his blog there.  Willem has mentioned the following:

  • The global monetary system will change in the next few years.
  • The U.S. Dollar will no longer be the world’s reserve currency and China will step into the picture.
  • Short article about when Christine Lagarde mentioned the word reset in her speech.

willem middelkoop

Other videos

TNTBS We Are The People interviews Nick Giammarino

#5 Dinar Recaps – They stopped posting TNT Tony videos and updates, but still post news from the other dinar guru websites.

I have not been paid to mention these companies or websites, I simply don’t want people to just go to for information regarding the Iraqi dinar currency investment. People have to make up their own minds, and not just listen to me.

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